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Managed Wireless Internet ServicesConnecting your network to your business

Cloudwifi will architect a wireless internet service solution to meet your business needs. We will get your high speed internet connections up, setup wireless internet access points, and provide building and property owners 24/7 monitoring. Cloudwifi also provides technical support for users, and management of the entire system after the installation.


Students always appreciate blazing internet speeds. Build your reputation by offering amenities your tenants can't live without.

Save residents money, increase property values, raise rental rates, and modernize your building’s amenities with Cloudwifi’s fibre optic-backed bulk internet solutions for MDU’s.


Providing end-to-end network management, connecting your business needs with your network.  


Your business demands a network that provides speed and reliability. What if you don't have direct fiber access?


Municipal broadband investment supports todays information-driven economy.

Turbo charge your conference rooms, guestrooms and common areas with a completely managed wifi network.

Next Generation of Wireless

Wireless network services from Cloud Wifi – wireless Internet Wifi provider for business and consumer: MDU, residential, hotels, hospitals, malls, restaurants, schools and student housing, rural. Wifi hotspots for your private network.

Cloudwifi brings you unprecedented wireless network reliability by creating a system which "fixes itself". Our service is unique because our self healing mesh networks use advanced routing protocols to ensure all access points in our network are operating efficiently in conjunction with each other. So no matter what time of the day, or night, your managed wifi service is fast and reliable!

Our Expertise

  • Customer Service
  • Integration
  • High Density Deployments
  • Special Events
  • Site to Site Connectivity
  • Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) Internet
  • Private Networks

Consumer Demand For Wifi Is Growing

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